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List of Tatsu Discord Bot Commands

Here is the full list of Tatsu Discord Bot Commands or Tatsugotchi Commands, an extremely capable Discord bot. It is used for moderation, increasing user chat activity on the Discord servers, and much more. Here, we will look at some of the most popular tatsu discord commands that can be used in discord.

This page shows you a list of all Tatsugotchi Bot Commands, categorized by the economy, levelling, ranks, personalization, pets & housing, roles & notifications and others.

Setting up your profile, rank, level up and wallet cards

Tatsu is a bot focused on social interactions and games, and a major part of it is the various cards that provide info on your tatsu profile.


The profile card shows various things.

  • Country badge: shows a country you’ve set the bot to display. Can be changed using the t!setcountry command.
  • Title: shown under your name, this title can be set on the online dashboard.
  • About: a text section for you to provide information about yourself. You can change the text on the online dashboard.
  • Global XP: the total amount of XP you’ve earned. Global XP is responsible for your levels.
  • Chat activity: the total amount of your chat activity, unaffected by supporter perks and used for the global activity rankings.
  • Reputation: the total amount of rep points you’ve received.
  • Badges: various badges you’ve bought from the store, can be set up on the online dashboard.


The rank card is responsible for showing your current server ranking, along with the number of scores you need.

  • Title: same as your title on the profile card.
  • Reputation: same as the rep shown on the profile card.
  • Server score: the amount of server score you’ve received in the server you’ve used the command in. The progress bar reflects the amount you need to reach the next leveled role, or lets you know if you’ve already received all leveled roles. Note that server score, also known as server exp, is different to global XP. Server score gain amount can be modified using t@persistence.
  • Supporter status: displays a heart if you are a supporter of the bot.
  • Accolades: allows you to equip up to 8 accolades, server specific items which you can buy using points.
A standard rank card.


Appears when you gain enough global XP to level up. Shows your old level and the new one, along with your country badge and avatar. You can disable these cards from showing up using t@persistence.

A card is displayed when you level up.


Shows you your various Tatsu currencies.

  • Supporter status: shows your status as a supporter if you are one.
  • Credits: the total amount of non-tradable credits you have. You earn credits passively, as well as through various means such as fishing, slots, quests, upvoting and dailies.
  • Tokens: shows the amount of your tokens, an alternative currency that allows you to buy items along with credits. You gain tokens through upvoting, finishing all of your daily quests and getting a 6x daily quest streak, walking your Tatsugotchi and dailies if you are a supporter.
  • Server points: a local currency you earn by talking in a server, which can be used to purchase accolades. The amount of server points gained can be modified using t@persistence.
A wallet card displaying David’s currencies, as well as his Supporter+ status.

Setting up backgrounds

You can purchase various backgrounds which you can equip on your cards from the Tatsu store. You can equip level-up and profile backgrounds in the “My Profile” section of the dashboard and can equip rank and wallet cards by going to the “My Servers” section and clicking on any server.

You may also upload and equip custom backgrounds if you’re a Tatsu supporter, as a perk for supporting the bot.

“My Profile” tab as shown on tatsu.gg

In addition, the below video from the official website of Tatsu shows it in action.

All standard commands start with t! | All moderator commands start with t@ | Type t!help in Discord to view commands from Discord.

However, in the previous article about Tatsumaki Bot Commands, I have told you the full list of commands from basic to advance.

Some Tatsugotchi Commands require the user to have Discord guild permissions. The required permission is displayed at each command.

Now finally, let’s see the list of Tatsu Bot Commands.

Finding Out How To Use Tatsu Commands

The t!help the command provides useful explanations and examples to provide help with all commands. Simply typing out the command once shows a list of available commands, and using the command again with another command in front shows specific help for that command. For example, t!help fishy it provides help for the fishing command. t!help 2 It can be used to provide a list of miscellaneous standard commands.

The alternative for moderation and administrative commands is t@help. It shows all moderation commands and explains them in the same manner as the standard help command.

Economy Basics – Tatsugotchi Commands

The commands below allow you to perform common tasks to interact with Tatsu’s inventory and economy systems.

t!walletGenerates a fancy wallet card that displays how much global and server currency you’ve collectedt!wallet @Wumpus
t!inventoryIt opens your character inventoryt!inventory
t!inventory globalOpens your global inventory for you to view & use your global itemst!inv global
t!inventory serverOpens your server inventory for you to view & use your server itemst!inv server
t!shopOpens the shop menu where you can access the global, server or event shopt!shop
t!itemIt lets you instantly search and view or use an item from your global or server inventoryt!item furni_fridge_pink

Global Economy – Tatsugotchi Commands

Global economy features are commands that, when used, can carry over to other Discord servers as well. eg. Credits and global items

t!dailyEarn your daily credits. You also get tokens if you are a supporter!t!daily
t!daily @SomeoneIf you give someone your daily credits, they get a bonus amount & vice versat!daily @cookiesun
t!tradeOpens up the trading menu to let you send or accept tradest!trade
t!trade viewView a summary of all sent & received tradest!trade view
t!trade clearCancels all trade requests sent by yout!trade clear
t!questsEarn global currency by completing questst!quests
t!quests claimClaim rewards for all completed questst!quests claim
t!quests dailyShortcut to view your daily quest progresst!quests daily
t!openLet’s open various furniture crates and pet cosmetic bags, and pet capsules.t!open

Server Economy – Tatsu Bot Commands

Server economy features let you create and manage your own Discord-server only currency, ranking and store system. The server economy only applies to your Discord server.

t!pointsCheck your server points balancet!points @someone
t!points @SomeoneCheck a member’s server points balance. Works with mentions as well as usernamest!points @Markoos
t!points @Someone [amount]t!points @Someone 10000Give someone server points. Works with mentions as well as usernames
Opens a menu that allows you to configure the number of server points earned per message sentt@persistence
It opens a menu that allows you to manage your member’s server points. Reward, remove, prune, or wipe your server’s points and economyt@persistence
t@points add @Someone [amount]
Directly give a server member pointst@points add @Wumpus 1000
It opens a menu that allows you to create a new server role item, accolade item or custom itemt@guilditems
It opens a menu that allows you to manage a members’ server items and inventoryt@userguilditems

Pet Tatsu commands

The commands below allow you to perform common tasks to interact with Tatsu’s pet systems.

Tatsugotchi old pets vs new pets with bot commandsPin
t!tatsugotchiDisplays your Tatsugotchi in one of your rooms.t!tatsugotchi
t!tatsugotchi visitDisplays one of the other user’s rooms with both of your Tatsugotchi.t!tatsugotchi visit @Wumpus
t!tatsugotchi cleanCleans up after your Tatsugotchi’s dirty mess.t!tatsugotchi clean
t!tatsugotchi feedFeeds your hungry pet.t!tatsugotchi feed
t!tatsugotchi playPlay with your pet.t!tatsugotchi play
t!tatsugotchi trainTrain with your pet to gain experience.t!tatsugotchi train
t!tatsugotchi walkWalk with your pet to find items or currency.t!tatsugotchi walk
t!tatsugotchi prestigeUpgrades your pet’s prestige level at the cost of resetting its current level.t!tatsugotchi prestige
t!tatsugotchi capsuleOpen a tatsugotchi capsule to get a new tatsugotchi.t!tatsugotchi capsule
t!tatsugotchi chartView the drop rates of a pet capsule.t!tatsugotchi chart
t!tatsugotchi carerSelect a carer from the list to take care of your tatsugotchi for you.t!tatsugotchi carer
t!tatsugotchi editOpens the tatsugotchi edit menu. You can change things like cosmetics here.t!tatsugotchi edit
t!tatsugotchi nicknameChange the nickname of your currently equipped tatsugotchi.t!tatsugotchi nickname Fabby Duh
t!tatsugotchi nurseryopens a list of all your pets in the nursery with their relevant statistics.t!tatsugotchi nursery
t!tatsugotchi unwrapUnwrap one of your wrapped tatsugotchis.t!tatsugotchi unwrap
t!tatsugotchi tradeupAllows you to trade up your unwanted wrapped tatsugotchis.t!tatsugotchi tradeup
t!tatsugotchi catchAllows you to get your runaway tatsugotchis back.t!tatsugotchi catch

House Tatsugotchi commands

The commands below allow you to perform common tasks to interact with Tatsu’s house systems.

t!houseDisplays a bird’s eye house view with your Tatsugotchi in it.t!house @Wumpus
t!house editOpens the house customization menu.t!house edit

Daycare Tatsugotchi commands

The commands below allow you to perform common tasks to interact with Tatsu’s daycare systems.

t!daycareDisplays a bird’s eye daycare view with your equipped Tatsugotchis in it.t!daycare
t!daycare editOpens the daycare customization menu.t!daycare edit

Fieldtrip Tatusu commands

The commands below allow you to perform common tasks in order to interact with Tatsu’s fieldtrip systems.

t!fieldtripCheck the current status of your field trip.t!fieldtrip
t!fieldtrip sendSend your pets on a field trip.t!fieldtrip send
t!fieldtrip claimClaims your field trip rewardst!fieldtrip claim
t!fieldtrip recalllRecall a pet from the current field trip.t!fieldtrip recall

Levelling Tatsu Bot Commands

The commands below allow you to perform common tasks to interact with Tatsu’s levelling systems.

t!rankDisplays your server rank card.t!rank @Wumpus
t!topDisplays the server’s leaderboard.t!top 6
t!leveledrolesDisplays the servers leveledroles and score requirements.t!leveledroles

Level Management Commands

The commands below allow you to perform common tasks to manage Tatsu’s levelling systems.

Opens a menu to edit leveled roles and related settings.t@leveledroles
t@leveledroles debug
Displays potential issues with leveled roles.t@leveledroles debug
Opens a menu for all score related settings.t@scores
t@scores add [user] [amount]
Add score to a specified user.t@scores add @Wumpus 100
It opens a menu in which you can disable or change the points and score gain rate.
You can also change the level up messages in this menu

Tatsugotchi Profile commands

The commands below allow you to perform common tasks to interact with Tatsu’s profile systems.

t!profileView yours or someone else’s customizable personal profile card.t!profile @Wumpus
t!profile progressView approximately how many more messages you need to level up.t!profile @Wumpus progress
t!backgroundGet the link to the website where you can change your profile background and equip badges.t!background
t!reputationAward someone a reputation point.t!reputation @Wumpus
t!settagOpen a menu to equip a new tag on your profile.t!settag tags_blackgold

Role Management commands

The commands below allow you to perform common tasks to interact with Tatsu’s role systems.

Opens the auto role menu.t@autorole
t@autorole debug
View potential issues with the autorole.t@autorole
It opens a menu to edit levelled roles and related settings.t@leveledroles
t@leveledroles debug
Displays potential issues with levelled roles.t@leveledroles debug
Opens the reaction roles menu.t@reactionroles
t@reactionroles debug
Displays potential issues with reaction roles.t@reactionroles debug
Opens the self roles menu.t@selfroles
t@selfroles debug
Displays potential issues with self roles.t@selfroles debug

Notification Management commands

The commands below allow you to perform common tasks to interact with Tatsu’s notification systems.

Opens the welcome message menu.t@welcome
Opens the goobye message menu.t@goodbye
Opens the notification message menu.t@notify

Some Other Tatsu Bot Commands

t!helpt!help <page>t!help 2
3Larry the BirdSwag
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