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How To Un-Send An Email After 30 Seconds In Gmail

We’ve all been in that situation. Everyone has sent an email and immediately wanted to un-send it, whether it was due to a careless press of the “send” button or an email that was typed out to vent but never intended to be sent.

Is it possible to retrieve an email in Gmail after 30 seconds have passed? The good news is that the answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ Here’s how to do it.

Recall an email With Undo Send In Gmail

If you change your mind about sending an email that has already been sent, you can cancel it right away by clicking ‘undo’ on the bottom left, where you’ll see ‘message sent.’

How much time do you have to recall an email?

The amount of time you have to recall an email is determined by you and your settings. You can check or adjust how much time you are affording yourself to correct your mistakes by going to Gmail, then settings, and then’ see “all settings”. Next to ‘undo send,’ you’ll notice a ‘send cancellation period’ where you can choose from five, ten, twenty, or thirty seconds.

Unfortunately, once that time limit has expired, there is no way to retrieve an email.

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On iPhone and Android, how do you un-send an email in Gmail?

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You must first open the Gmail app on your iPhone and ensure that you are logged in. After you’ve composed an email and sent an email, you’ll see a ‘undo’ button in the bottom-right corner. You have five seconds to remember the email.

When you recall an email, it will reopen as a draft, which you can edit or delete.

But unfortunately, on Android devices, you are unable to recall an email from Gmail. However, you can change your ‘general settings’ to require you to confirm an email before sending it.

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