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How Many Page Views Do You Need for Adsense Approval?

After creating your blog, writing several useful articles, you decide to monetize your blog by applying for Adsense, and you aren’t sure whether your Adsense would get approval or not because of the low traffic it has been receiving. Every blogger during their beginning gets this doubt.

Here we will teach you how much traffic is needed to get Adsense approval for your blog and the other quick methods needed for Adsense approval.

Traffic to acquire Adsense approval is limitless. You can acquire Adsense approval for a blog with Zero traffic, but the condition is that your blog should be able to fulfill the guidelines of Adsense terms and conditions. I know friends who got Adsense approval with zero traffic with useful quality articles.

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Enabling Adsense ads in a blog with Zero traffic won’t be beneficial to the blog owner.
Getting approval and seeing ads for the first time in your blog is an important motivational factor, which is going to make you work harder, and soon you will achieve the desired results.

Things which are required to get the approval faster are given below:

1. Article Length

The length of the article plays an essential role in getting Adsense approval. It is also necessary to get ranking in search engines. The range of the post is necessary too.
A minimum of 500 words is required to get approval. The number of words helps to make your Adsense approval process in a more straightforward manner.

According to the search engine journal, results, an average of 1900 words ranks first place in Google.

2. About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer & Privacy Policy Pages

Every blog must contain pages like About us, contact, disclaimer, and privacy policy pages for Adsense approval. Without these pages, it makes it easier to get approval for your blog.

3. Blog Design

Your blog should look tidy and straightforward without any complex themes. Apart from premium WordPress, even free themes can help your blog achieve approval. Therefore, it is necessary to have proper navigation and clean design.

Some of the free WordPress themes I recommend for Adsense approval are: Generate press, Astra, Iconic One, MH Magazine theme, Ribbon Lite, and Colour Mag. All these themes are simple yet powerful.

4. Number of Articles

Even if there are no particular number of articles recommended for getting approval, it is better to have at least 15-30 posts. Fifteen articles are enough if each of your articles contains over 1000 words. Otherwise, you will need to increase the number of articles in your blog.

You are supposed to put at least three articles in each category. If any of your categories remains empty of articles, then your Adsense application will be rejected.

Questions/ Myths that often arise about Approval Process:

Does My Blog Need to Complete Six Months for Adsense Approval?

No, there aren’t such terms and conditions in Adsense. Even blogs that are only 3-4 days old are also getting recognition and Adsense approval. Your primary focus should be on the quality of the content.

Do I Need to Wait for Months to Reapply for Adsense If it gets rejected?

There is no need to wait for such a long period, and it is not advisable to immediately reapply for Adsense. Wait for 2-4 days and try to look into the problem, which has caused the rejection. After making all the corrections, you can reapply for Adsense.


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