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How To Unblock Website Using Translation Tools

Numerous numbers of free translation websites available exist that allow users to translate text and webpages from one language to another using the internet. For example, if you want to read a webpage or document that is written in Japanese and the only language you know is Hindi, then a translation website proves to be very fruitful to translate the text from Japanese to Hindi on the fly and that too for free!

The two most popular translation tools on the Internet are:

The technology behind the instant translation of webpages is quite cool. But what makes it cooler is the fact that it is possible to use these translation websites to unblock websites and access censored content!

Let us assume that you’ve been denied access from your college or company to the YouTube website and the blocked error message pops up each time you try to access it. However, by experimenting a bit, you will realize that your network may not have blocked access to the websites of Google Translate or Yahoo BabelFish. This means that it is possible for you to connect to either of these translation websites and use them for accessing YouTube by translating it from English to any other language according to your wish, including Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, and various other regional Indian languages (local Indian languages are supported only by Google Translate). Your college or company would think that you are accessing a safe unblocked website (the translation website), but the reality is that you are using the translation website to access a blocked website! Below we will show you how easy it is for you to use Google Translate to access a blocked YouTube video:

Step-by-Step Process To Unblock Website Using Translation Tools

STEP 1: Start your browser and connect to https://translate.google.com so that your local firewall thinks that you have been connected to a safe and unblocked website. In the space provided, type the web address of the blocked website that you wish to access. In this case, we are going to type www.youtube.com.

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Then select the original language of the webpage (in this case, English) and the language into which you are wishing to translate the web page (in this case, Hindi). Finally, click on the Translate button.

STEP 2: Within a short time , the Hindi translated version of the YouTube website will be displayed on the screen. The fact of the matter is that even though the website has been translated into Hindi, the interface will still remain the same, and the actual language of the videos that you are going to watch will also remain the same. In other words, an English video will remain an English video even if the YouTube interface is displayed in Hindi or some different language. The best part about this is your college or company would think that you are accessing a Google Translation website, which is opposite from the reality.

Go ahead and try it out. You should note that when you use the Google Translate service, some of the links or search features on the translated page may not work.

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STEP 3: You can navigate to the page of the video that you wish to watch by clicking on the links on the YouTube home page or by clicking directly on the URL of the video you want to watch. After that, you can directly type it into the translate input box at the top of your browser, and it will directly take you to the video. The video will generally play as it is supposed to play and will be in its original language; only the interface language will change.

The problem with such translation websites is that the domain of the blocked website that has been requested appears in plaintext in the browser URL address bar which makes it easy for system administrators to block it. Moreover, only two popular and effective translation websites exist on the Internet, which makes both of them more likely to get blocked.

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Here Are Some Google Translator Alternative

1. Babylon Translation

Babylon Translation is the old player in translation administration. It offers an advertisement free online translation apparatus that draws on a database of more than 1,600-word references from significant languages on earth. Babylon Translation just interprets words or sentences without auto distinguish language and can’t program decipher.

2. Bing Translator

Furthermore, internet searches Bing likewise offers online translation to understand words, articles (greatest 5000 characters), or site and backing numerous languages like Google Decipher. The bolster translator auto distinguishes language when you write the substance and will be programmed decipher into your longing language. A few languages can discourse the content that is valuable if you need to know how to purport the words.

3. Frengly

Frengly has a negligible or straightforward outline which supports numerous languages with auto recognize the style. Close can be utilized to decipher words, sentences, or articles. It starts to translate after you pick language translation.

4. imTranslator

imTranslator interprets content with other reading devices from PROMT, Babylon, Google Decipher, and Bing Decipher. Be that as it may, the pleasant belief is you can think about the outcome between Google Decipher and Bing Interpret. It was helpful to know which can decipher more precisely.

5. Linguee

Linguee has just deciphered words not archives or pages with fewer languages is upheld contrast and Google Interpret. When you submit words and press enter, Linguee will make an interpretation of your words into craving language with discourse to affirm the phrase, which means of the first and translation that are taken from Wikipedia.

6. Reverso

Reverso underpins real language which is English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, and just interprets word or basic sentence with case utilization in the phrase. Reverso additionally bolsters live translation which implies you don’t have to click enter to understand. Only sort the word and let Reserve interpret into your longing language.

7. SDL Freetranslation.com

SDL Freetranslation.com can be utilized to decipher words, sentences, articles, or archives into numerous languages. It additionally bolster interpret archive in .doc(x), .ppt(x), .odt, .pdf and .txt position with greatest record size 5MB. SDL Freetranslation.com doesn’t bolster auto distinguish language or moment translation, yet you can email, print, or stand up boisterous the interpreted content.

These are perfect and work similar to Google translator, just follow the above method that we used for Google translator with all the above tools. All through some of these Google translator alternatives are not perfect, but they help to access blocked websites.


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