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5 Best VLC Alternatives for Windows Users

You may be looking for VLC alternatives for your Windows computer if you want advanced features, more control, and better UI than what VLC carries. Others may be looking for a video player for Windows that’s lightweight or supports lesser-known video formats. Either way, you want an alternative to VLC and here they are in no particular order.

GOM Player

This GOM Player supports a wide range of both audio and video formats, just like VLC, but that’s not where it shines. GOM Player can automatically download the required codec files if they are missing. What’s more? It can also search and fetch subtitles for movies both new and classics. Watching an interesting or puzzling scene? Use A-B mode to repeat the same sequence over and over. There are plenty of customization settings to keep you happy.


The 360-degree feature is for fans of VR who own such videos where you can use your mouse to move around the video for a 3D-like experience. The Plus version will remove ads, support 4K and UHD, and add new skins. A lifetime license costs just $9.99 which is not bad considering you may never need another VLC alternative again.


  • 360-degree
  • Mirror mode for k-pop
  • A-B mode to repeat a sequence
  • Capture and cut audio from video
  • Can search and download subtitles
  • Can download codecs
  • 4K and UHD support
  • Skins


  • UI buttons could be a little larger
  • Free version has ads
  • Asks to install free antivirus during installation

Download GOM Player


PotPlayer carries a number of features and supports even more obscure formats, but all in a lightweight client thanks to QuickSync, CUDA, and DXVA tech. I like the ability to bookmark my favorite scenes in documentaries or parts of educational videos.

It supports 3D videos and 3ven some popular 3D glasses. Have multiple soundcards installed? PotPlayer lets you choose the one you need. Other features that we discussed in GOM Player like A-B play mode, skins, etc. are all there.


Surprisingly, PotPlayer is completely free with no ads. And it is regularly updated so it’s a no-brainer if you are looking for an alternative to VLC video player for Windows 11 and even 10.


  • Screen capture and record
  • Skins
  • A-B mode to repeat a sequence
  • Supports 3D player and VR headsets
  • Bookmark scenes
  • Create screen savers
  • Extensions for YouTube, subtitles, translation, etc.
  • Adjust time jump


  • Couldn’t find any

Download PotPlayer


macOS has a video player called QuickLook and as the name suggests, it allows users to quickly open and preview videos. It’s a helpful tool and a fan favorite. Inspired by Apple’s approach, they created QuickLook which allows Windows users to quickly preview files without even opening them.

What’s more? It not only supports video file formats but also images, PDF, audio, and even CSV. QuickLook will save you time you would otherwise spend opening files just to realize it’s the wrong one and then closing it.

QuickLook as VLC alternativesPin

QuickLook is free, open-source, and in active development unlike some other apps of similar nature. Simply press Space to view videos and Esc to close it. Works like a charm, every time.


  • Preview files (all formats) without opening them
  • Blazing fast
  • Free, ad-free


  • Limited customizations and options

Download QuickLook


This Plex is not your ordinary video player that will replace or act as a VLC alternative. Plex is a complete multimedia streaming solution for the whole house. You will essentially set up a local server that will index all your media files (video, audio, and images). You can then choose which of these files/folders to make locally available to other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network (think family members here).


Own Chromecast? Connect and stream videos on the big screen. Live in the USA? You can watch movies from MGM, Lionsgate, etc. for free but the service is ad-supported. The pro plan costs $4.99 but will remove ads, unlock more premium content, and add some features like downloading content.


  • Multiple platforms
  • Stream content anywhere
  • Manage all media files centrally
  • Watch ad-supported premium content (TV, web, movies)


  • Set up is complicated and takes time

Download Plex


Download KMPlayer if you want the easiest video player that can replace VLC. I mean VLC is already easy to use but KMPlayer trumps it. The playlist manager will remind you of the fabled Winamp that was the darling of music lovers back in the 90s and 20s. And a fantastic tool for those who have a large catalog but without the complications of Plex. Think of it as a crossbreed.

KMPlayer as VLC AlternativePin


  • Remap keys
  • A-B repeat mode
  • 4K and 8Kk support
  • Edit subtitles manually
  • Easy to use UI
  • Zoom and reversal


  • Too many app versions floating

Download KMPlayer

VLC Alternatives

VLC is not an easy app to replace because it is still one of the best video players available on Windows OS. But there are plenty of video players that offer something specific that advanced users are looking for. Whether that’s advanced options and granular control over settings, 3D and VR support, or the ability to set up a media streaming station for the entire family. There is something for everyone on this list. I hope you have find best VLC Alternatives in this article.


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