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How to Add Medications and Set Reminders to Apple Health App

Apple recently added a feature to add and track medications in Apple’s Health app. The feature was introduced in the June of 2022, and it allows you to add medicines, track, schedule, and even set reminders about these medications on the Apple Health app. So, this is the right time to switch to the Apple Health app, if you were using a diary or a third-party app earlier.

Adding Medications to Apple Health App

If you often forget your medicines, then your iPhone might be of some help here. Let’s learn how to add medications to Apple Health app.

1. Navigate to Apple Health app on your iPhone and tap to open it.

2. Tap on the Browse tab near the bottom right corner.

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3. In the health categories section, tap on Medications.

4. Now tap on Add a Medication to start.

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5. On the next page, type the name of the medication. Once done tap Next.

6. Choose the form of medication i.e, whether it’s a capsule, tablet, lotion, etc. Once selected tap Next to proceed further.

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7. Type in the strength of the medicine and choose its unit, then tap on Next.

8. Now tap on Frequency to choose the frequency for your medication. You can choose multiple types of frequencies such as, on specific days of the week, every other day, every 3 days, and so on. For example, we’re choosing every day. Once done with the frequency settings, tap on Add a time.

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9. Tap on the time.

10. A time selector will open as a pop-up, scroll back and forth and select a suitable time for you. Once you’ve selected the time, tap anywhere outside the pop-up or tap on the time back again to close the pop-up and continue with the selected time.

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11. Now tap on Next.

12. On the next page choose a medicine shape that resembles closely with yours and then tap Next again.

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13. Choose a color for medication and then tap on Next.

14. On the next page, tap on Done and that’s it. Now you have added a medication with a scheduled time. Now let’s move on to how to enable reminders for these medications.

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Setting Medication Reminders on Apple Health

Once you’ve added medications to the Apple Health app, you must turn on the reminders to get timely notifications. Let’s take a look at the steps of how to set reminders for medications in Apple Health.

1. After adding a medication to the Apple Health app, go back to Apple Health > Browse > Medications and tap on Options.

2. Now turn on Dose Reminders. This will notify and remind you of your scheduled medication by sending out a push notification.

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Be Healthy and Punctual With Apple Health

With the help of Apple Health, now you can be healthy and punctual at the same time. You don’t need to feel guilty anymore because of missed doses of medicines. Just follow the above-mentioned steps to add medications to Apple Health and receive reminders to take them on time. The best part is that if you have an Apple Watch, you’ll also get notifications on your watch for the medication. Hope this helped you set up medication and reminders on the Apple Health app and that once you get healthy, you don’t need to use this feature again in your life.

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